Ingredients Soto Fish Ball :

250 grams of mackerel meat, puree.
50 grams of shrimp, puree.
2 tablespoons of sago flour.
1 egg, just use the egg white.
50 milliliters of ice water.
2 liters of chicken broth.
Enough vegetable oil to saute and fry.

Seasonings :

Salt, granulated sugar, and white pepper powder to taste.
4 clove grains.
Cinnamon measuring 4 centimeters.

Softened seasoning Soto Fish Ball :

8 garlic cloves.
12 red onion cloves.
Ginger 3 centimeters in size.

Complementary :

Dry soun.
Bean sprouts.
Leeks, thinly sliced ​​for sprinkling.
3 pieces of celery, chopped until soft for sprinkles.
Fried garlic for sprinkles.
Soy sauce.
Cayenne Pepper.
Boiled chicken eggs.

How to Cook Soto Fish Ball :

Enter the meat of mackerel, shrimp, salt, granulated sugar, and white pepper, mix well.

Add water, egg white, and sago flour, mix well, form balls.

Put the soun in boiling water, cook it until done (floating), lift, drain, set aside.

Heat vegetable oil to saute.

Saute the mashed spices until fragrants.

Pour the chicken broth and add clove and cinnamon, stir while cook and occasionally until boiling, reduce the heat of the stove.

Add salt, granulated sugar and powdered white pepper, then stir until dissolved.

Enter the fish ball, mix well, lift.

Move it in a serving container, soto fish balls make you addictive ready to be enjoyed after serving with the complement.


In addition to mackerel fish meat, you can also use tuna or cob.

If necessary, you can fry the chicken balls first.